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Market Sectors

Market Sectors

A variety of industries rely on CNC machining for the creation of machined components. CNC machines are able to produce complex components quickly and while being extremely accurate. Using CAD/CAM software, we can inspect parts and components in 3D prior to machining. This allows us to locate any problems or issues, saving a considerable amount of time and money. CNC machine tools and accurate computer positioning ensure the parts and components produced meet our high-quality standards.

Although almost any industry can benefit from CNC machining, the following industries are the most common to benefit from our services.

Oil, Gas & Nuclear


At Mako Precision we have manufactured several parts for the oil, gas and nuclear sector using various types of exotic material such as Super Duplex




In addition to our services for the motorsport sector, we are also manufactures of fixtures, tools, and parts for the automotive sector in general.



We have also produced many components for the agricultural sector, including bearing housings, bushes, shafts, and sprockets, plus various add-on components for agricultural equipment.




Mako Precision Engineering has produced many components for the motorsport industry and provides a very quick turnaround at a good price.



We have many years of experience in providing components for the hydraulics industry. We have produced components for hydraulics which are currently being used across the United Kingdom.


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