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Mako Precision acquires three CNC lathes, expanding machining capabilities in key step for growth

Updated: Nov 18, 2021


Bilston, West Midlands (17 November 2021) – In response to customer demand and a plan to expand machining capabilities we have added to our machine capacity after acquiring three CNC lathes. The equipment is planned to be installed at Mako Precision Engineering’s facility in Bilston in the near future. Thanks to this new machinery our CNC lathe facility will have the capability to machine larger components with an eighteen-inch chuck on two of the machines being delivered, this is an increase from our previous largest lathe with a fifteen-inch chuck. With more capacity also came the opportunity to expand our workforce with two new members of staff to help operate and program machinery to continue our efficient operation and provide a quick turnaround. Mako Precision Engineering Limited has acquired six machines in total since 2018 and has continued plans to expand facilities in the future to continue to provide a quality, value for money service for our customers.

“Our objective is to add flexibility to our machining capabilities by expanding our list of machinery,” said Steve Drinkwater, a company director of Mako Precision. Julian Johnson, also a company director said “Having the ability to respond to customer demand is essential, with the current market conditions and a surge in demand to many sub-contractors such as ourselves caused by the pandemic it’s important for us to continue to provide a high-quality service while maintaining a quick turnaround rate. Investing in this machinery not only helps us to continue to do that but also gives us the capability to machine larger components than we could previously, allowing us to be more competitive”.

Mako Precision is expecting to take delivery of all three machines in January 2022, with all the machines being operational shortly after. Our manufacturing operations will continue as normal in Bilston, West Midlands as we will carry on providing our services as normal for our customers in a range of market sectors. We are excited to share this positive news as we look to expand with this being a key step in our growth plan.


About Mako Precision Engineering Limited.

Mako Precision Engineering is an ISO 9001 registered CNC machining firm based in the West Midlands, famous for its manufacturing heritage, employing a group of trained and experienced precision engineers offering CNC machining, milling, turning, drilling, threading, and assembly services to customers in a wide range of industries, including toolmaking and patternmaking, motorsport components, agricultural equipment, automotive, rolling mill components, oil, gas, nuclear and the hydraulics industry across the UK and worldwide including the USA, Slovenia, Romania, Croatia, Netherlands, and more.

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